Dear Evan Hansen (spoiler free review)

Dear Evan Hansen is beautifully written musical about a boy’s struggle with his mental health. Mental health is presented very truthfully, warts and all. It never romanticises anything and it shows how mental illness can be ugly. 

The musical follows Evan Hansen, a lonely boy who just wants to be known. He eventually gets the attention he wanted when a fellow student Connor Murphy kills himself. Connor is found with a letter that Evan wrote to himself (under his mums persistence) and his family assume the two were friends. Evan fabricates a friendship due to his anxiety which prevents him from saying the harsh truth and traps him in the lie. 
The story focuses on the want to be seen and to be remembered. Each character struggles with these themes and the you really feel for them all. Evan and Connor on the surface seem to be very different but the musical teaches us that people still have the same struggles. This theme makes the audience think that it very easily could have been who Evan who killed himself. The musical therefore shows that each life is precious and individual. 

The musical has fantastic songs that show the emotions of each of the characters as they go through their struggles each one in very relatable in different ways except for Sincerely me which is hilarious with dark undertones. The heart and humour shown in this song continues throughout the musical and highlights the darkness of mental illness. 

Just like it’s main character the musical also has some flaws but the musical is ultimately fantastically moving and is important for everyone to watch. You cannot watch Dear Evan Hansen (or even listen to its soundtrack) without learning a lot about both life and yourself. 


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