Sunset Boulevard (a spoiler free film review )

So my film studies teacher made us chose one of her selected films and watch it over the holiday. I never thought that the film I chose would have such a large impact on me, but the random film I picked up turned out to be Sunset Boulevard. 

As the film was made in the fifties and has a PG rating I thought it would be a stereotypical film with traditional values. A lot of older films I have watched have been a bit of a let down (Strangers on a Train was really not what I expected and it really disappointed me), so I really wasn’t expecting a lot from this film. Despite this I did think it would be a good film due to it wining many oscar awards but I thought it wouldn’t be quite for me. I honestly couldn’t have been more wrong. 
This film has become on of my favourite films. It deals with really dark themes such as age and fame in a wonderful way that I stupidly didn’t think a 1950s film could. It’s an ageless film that anyone can enjoy – there’s a reason it is a classic. It’s one of those movies that as soon as you finish it you want to watch it again while also being one of those films that stick with you hours after watching it (so much so I completely annoyed everyone I saw by telling them about this magical film). Being one of these types of films alone is a hard feet for any film so this film being both is truly incredible. 

It’s hard to discus what I loved about this film without spoiling the wonderful plot (that was made even more magical by my lack of knowledge about this film). My opinion is that you too should watch this film knowing as little as possible. Ideally I’d watch every film like that because the films I watch with no expectations that are great tend to be the ones that stick out the most. 


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