Demolition and Southpaw Review 

EditDemolition and Southpaw initially seem to be very different films. The only similarity they have to the naked eye is that they both star Jake Gyllenhaal. They have completely different atmospheres and Gyllenhaal is almost unrecognisable in each film. 

However, these two films don’t just have Jake Gyllenhaal and a year in common, they also has very similar themes. Both films contain the death of his Gyllenhaals wife dies and the rest of the film deals with the grief of loosing a lost one and trying to live life afterwards. 

Demolition is the story of a successful businessman Davies who starts to deconstruct after the loss of his wife. The couple seemed to have the perfect life but Davies starts to see the faults in his life and decides to demolish both his house and his life trying to work out what is real in his world. 

Whereas, in Southpaw Gyllenhaal plays Billy (a professional boxer). In the film Billy’s wife dies and he goes completely off the rails and looses the right to see his child. He therefore has to fix his life and work out what his priorities is. 

Both of these films are very intimate and only contain a few key characters meaning it is very easy to feel encapsulated in the film and to deeply care about the characters. 

I love how they each take different aspects of the subject and make these aspects into two magnificent films that despite the initial similarity don’t actually seem that alike. Demolition has some great side characters – Chris (played by Judah Lewis) steals the film – and focuses on the relationships between all the characters. In contrast Southpaw centres on the journey of the main character with a lot of the side characters not being present for most of the film. 

Despite the similar natures of these films they are both absolutely wonderful and I loved them both truly. 


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