Landline (spoiler free book review) 

Landline is the first adult book of Rainbow Rowell’s that I have read (I have read all of her young adult books including her short story Kindred Spirits that she wrote for world book day). Rowell is best known for her young adult books so I was a bit anxious about reading one of her adult books, although I knew that lots of people really loved this book so I wasn’t that confirmed. Thankfully Rowell’s writing is just as beautiful and relatable no matter what age group she’s writing for. Seriously once you’ve read one Rainbow Rowell book you’ve just got to read them all. 

I think you should go into this book not knowing much about it as it will make the story so much more enjoyable. But here’s a little summary for those interested: 
The story is about a television writer called Georgie McCool (yes that’s her actual name) who has to work on getting her show picked up with her best friend and writing partner Seth, so she can’t go her husband Neil’s childhood house for Christmas. This leads her to calling her husband but something doesn’t seem quite right. 

It’s a beautiful story about fate, working hard (in two different ways), priorities and what love actually is. These themes make the story relatable no matter your age, although I did feel like I might have related a bit more if I was slightly older. 

Like all Rainbow Rowell books it has fantastic little details that give the book a realistic feel. Great jokes and distinctive characters complete the story and make it wonderful. 

Although it isn’t my favourite Rainbow Rowell book it is still an amazing book that is truly worth a read.  


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