My Inspiration 

I have seen many writers say that their inspiration is other great writers. They say it’s the classic books, films and TV shows they were surrounded with as they grew up that shape them into the people (and writers) that they are today. But to be honest I want to be a writer more because of the bad writing I see than the good.  

Obviously I still have writers that I admire and love and make me want to write something that is just as good as their writing but they’re not my main inspiration. 

I have seen so many examples of literature where they are so badly written that I can’t help but want to correct or write something myself that doesn’t have these issues that annoy me so much. 

So many books, TV shows and films have a lack of diversity that honestly shouldn’t be a problem any more. I want to create art that has an eclectic cast of characters all with defined character traits in a piece of fiction with a genre that isn’t their diversity. I want more science fiction, more fantasy, more romance, more comedy and more drama with main characters that aren’t white straight cis men. 

Characters that aren’t defined by their sexuality, their gender, their race, their religion, their disabilities or anything else that characters are so often completely defined by. 

But not only that, I also want more stories with clear direction and purpose, where they don’t just do things and then change their mind on the direction they’re going. It’s shocking how many times book series, TV shows and film series do something completely random and stupid because they don’t know what to do and they somehow don’t realise just how little sense it makes. I hope I can write something where every thing that happens makes sense and is logical but also surprising. 

Also, so many times series completely change their characters personalities and motives just so they can tell a story. Characters should obviously develop and change, but in a natural way not in a oh shit I need a character to put in this situation so this one will do kind of way. Because of this my writing will always stick to the personality of my characters. 

In addition, stories often have lose ends and don’t include scenes that they really need to include to develop the story. I want to make sure that everything I do in the future doesn’t have this problem.  

I hope that in the future I can look at these issues and create a piece of art that I would want to read and doesn’t irritate other people with the potential that it has but doesn’t live up to. I don’t want to create something that is perfect (because obviously that isn’t possible) but something that I can be proud of and is the best that I can do. I hope to not only learn from my own mistakes but also other people’s mistakes. 


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