Why Only Ever Yours is a Book I will Never Forget (A spoiler free review). 

It isn’t a new idea for dystopian novels to use the dystopian format to make statements about our own society and to show us the issues or society has in a clear and different way. Dystopian books educate us and make us realise problems we have. But no dystopian book shows issues in a clearer or more intelligent way than Only Ever Yours. 

Only Ever Yours shows sexism issues that our society has and presents them in this dystopian setting. It addresses problems such as slut shaming, women putting other women down, social media issues, women feeling like they have to be a certain way, gossip and so many others. 

This book was so cleverly written that it manages to address all these issues within just a couple of sentences. There are so many little things that will hit you after you’ve read the book. 

The society created in Only Ever Yours feels far to real. It seems like only a few things need to change in our society for us to become the society in Only Ever Yours. Honestly this book scared me because it felt so real and as a women I relate to many different elements of the book and I was so happy that I didn’t relate to other sections.

No matter what gender you are you should read this book as you will learn so much about so many gender issues. When you finish this book you will never forgot it. It truly is an important read. So read Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neil. 


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